Multichannel Engagement

Different people want to engage in different ways. Today’s challenge centers on delivering the right proposition in the right way to the right client.


Interacting on line with clients allows a rich enagagment in a highly cost effective maner but how do we do this in the wealth management industry , examples of the questions we need to resolve are-

• Who are our clients , how do they want to interact with us?

• What will tomorrow’s clients look like?

• Face to Face, online or a blended approach? How do we achieve this ?

• How do we get clients online? Once online how do we keep them there?

• Social media – how does this integrate with our offering?

• How do we test we have got it right?

People are used to a world where information is always available, having the ability to review their finances when they want to using the device they want to use. Historically  financial services has been slow to embrace this, for many reasons, however the technology now exists to seamlessly incorporate digital channels into existing propositions

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