Client Engagement

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Having designed a proposition, developed an online and offline strategy and decided on engagement channels, the key to success is now correctly engaging with the clients. Clients need to feel valued, supported throughout their journey and well served by information, advice and technology.

Existing in a community is something that people feel comfortable doing.  Wealth management is no different – building that sense of community, level of trust and ability to share and exchange ideas as well as information is a great place to start.

Trust – when people seek advice they ask their  friends, family and typically employers, when we as consumers are considering a purchase or an experience we research on line, trust peoples views and execute based on feedback.

The challenges

Mapping out the client journey – we need to understand the process throughout the clients interaction with us to ensure the best experience

Feedback – making feedback easy and allowing people to share their views, it’s no longer appropriate to rely on old-fashioned satisfaction surveys weeks after a purchase. Ongoing feedback at all stages from first interaction, through the advisory process, to product fulfillment are all areas where valuable lessons can be learnt as well as improving the client experience.

Social media strategy –  it is not as simple as buying facebook advertising. Combining different types of media, with a consistent theme, targeted in the right place and in a cost efficient manner is where we need to get to.  With the huge variety of platforms available and different generations having different preferences, getting this right is key.Untitled-1 copy

What makes our offering compelling, how can we build advocacy, trust and fully engaged clients?

How do we make their lives simpler?

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