30 March 2015
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Insistent clients – just say no

30 March 2015, Comments 0

Great thoughts from the PFS – At the Personal Finance Society we are always looking to provide our members with guidance on issues affecting […]

28 March 2015
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Technology is changing financial advice – post RDR

28 March 2015, Comments 0

When it came into force at the end of 2012, the retail distribution review (RDR) became among the biggest changes to ever hit the […]

16 March 2015
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Managing high risk projects

16 March 2015, Comments 0

Just the concept of high risk is frightening in itself, but if we deconstruct what a high risk project is and apply a few […]

3 March 2015
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Can asset management revenues replace swiss private banking ones?

3 March 2015, Comments 0

Recent discussions about the future of private banking in Switzerland have led different participants quoting asset management as being the magic weapon to replace […]

1 March 2015
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Looking forward to Distribution Technology conference

1 March 2015, Comments 0

  Next week Distribution Technology is holding its annual conference in London, great opportunity for existing users and prospective clients to see Dynamic Planner technology […]