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    Welcome to moneysmith

    moneysmith provides consultancy and advice to organisations looking to build out their wealth management proposition, client engagement and distribution framework.

    Using our own team, supported by an associate network of expert practitioners we ensure that all tasks are completed by experienced individuals who truly understand your business.

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    How can we help you?

    Our industry is evolving quickly; customer’s requirements are changing and their demands increasingly challenging, to grow and adapt we need to challenge the traditional business model

    What do we need our proposition to look like?
    How do we engage our clients?
    How do we distribute our products and services?

    moneysmith can help

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    Our development

    Having worked in the financial services industry for 20 years, building and selling financial services businesses, developing products, leading business development and managing global distribution teams, I established moneysmith in 2013 as a business with the sole aim of helping organisations develop in what has become a very interesting sector.

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A practitioner’s consultancy

Established in 2013 moneysmith has the sole aim of helping organisations understand, develop and execute their wealth management strategy.

Our network provides access to expert practitioners who can make a real difference. In this sector there are many great people with immense levels of knowledge and experience who can be relied upon to make things happen - moneysmith is bringing them together to provide help and assistance to others who value real life experience and results.

Short-term help, project management and execution, longer-term change projects and industry insight are all areas where we can help you.

My career in financial services spans the last 21 years. Prior to moneysmith I was a Managing Director at Barclays Wealth with responsibility for UK Financial Planning, UK Wealth Advisory and their International Insurance business.

Leadership is a key attribute and my team-focused style has produced highly effective and cohesive teams generating significant revenues, assets and most importantly deep client engagement and satisfaction. Matrix or direct management – the principles were the same.

Wealth management is my passion and I enjoy helping organizations succeed. My background in wealth structuring, private banking and independent financial advisory led me to establish moneysmith, helping businesses with strategy, direction, client engagement and adapting to a technology driven future. A champion for the client I use my experience to make sure they are at the center of the process , strategy and client journey.

Being a fully certified project manager I am able to drive change using Prince2 methodology. Having this ability allows me to both direct projects (high level) as well as manage work streams and project output.

Lisa has worked in service delivery, project management and infrastructure design for the last 25 years. Prior to joining moneysmith Lisa worked with BP, Sema, Schlumberger and BAT.

Responsibilities include project coordination, delivery and client engagement.